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Better Community

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Total Freedom

Write what you want, keep all your rights to it. This is your work -- we just help support it.



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BEACON is a community of writers, and a set of tools that enable them to earn sustainable, monthly money. Here's how it works:

You have a profile on BEACON. Readers subscribe to you directly for $5, either because they know your work already or because they're interested in what you're covering. They get access to your stories, and every story by every writer on BEACON.

You keep 70 percent of every subscription each month. The other 30 percent goes in part to a bonus pool, which pays out the most popular stories across BEACON each month. In other words, when you write something that everyone's talking about, there's a big bonus in it for you.

You publish stories directly on BEACON. Your subscribers get notified whenever you have something new for them to read. Your stories are also available to anyone with a BEACON account, so other subscribers can discover your work too.

You get to decide what you write. You know your audience better than us, and you know what they want to read. All we ask is that you publish **at least one post per month.** The most successful writers publish at least every other week.

You get paid out in your bank account each month. There's no invoicing or waiting on a payment department. We calculate your total based on your subscriptions and bonuses, and send it your way automatically.


Our promises to you:

  1. Keep your rights. - We don't stake any ownership to anything you publish. Your work is your work.
  2. Get paid on-time - We pay out like clockwork, the last Wednesday of every month.
  3. Write what you want - Tell the stories you're excited about, to an audience who cares deeply.
  4. Own your audience - Stop letting social networks and blogging platforms sell ads against your best stories. On BEACON, your audience belongs to you. They'll grow with your career.
  5. Lots of bonuses - Great storytelling should be rewarded. We pay out thousands of dollars in bonuses every month to the best stories on BEACON.


Writers launch on BEACON by creating a reporting project. A project is a pitch to readers on what you want to cover. You set a minimum number of subscribers (typically 25) and readers have fourteen days to help you reach your goal by subscribing.

See this project for example: Dan Fletcher covering Social Media Manipulators

Once you're ready, we'll help you create your first one. It's really easy - a short video and a short form with some information about yourself and what you like to write about.


We're a team of industry professionals and technologists that believe in using the web to empower great creators. You can learn more on the BEACON about page.